Thanh Toan Bridge –

June 1, 2019

Thanh Toan Bridge, a ancient tile roof bridge in Hue which is version of Japanese covered Bridge in Hoi an.

Located about 8km from the east of Hue city, Thuy Thien – Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien Hue province. Thanh Toan Bridge is considered as the rarest ancient bridge’s architecture that embraces the very high artistic value of Hue traditional villages in Vietnam. Therefore, Thanh Toan bridge is always the ideal destination for many people both domestic and foreign one to fulfill their trip to Hue thanks to its beautiful appearance and conveyed historical and cultural valuable stories related to Hue people.

Thanh Toan bridge wears the sophisticated architecture in every details. Its tile roofs are built according to “upper and lower” style of the Hue traditional village. Also, the bridge is made entirely of wood with curvaceous shape, impressing you with 4m in width, 17m in length being divided into 7 rooms. Besides, the sides of the bridge have two rows of wooden platforms and balustrades to sit back. This is a typical kind of ancient tile that is very precious, glazed and shining the previous royal-court Chinese spirit only having in Hue citadel.

As the indispensable part of Hue ancient beauty, Thanh Toan bridge also welcomes you with the rustic and peaceful atmosphere from the landscape surroundings. Standing on the bridge, you will able to witness the beautiful green rice field opening up to the skyline, enjoying the smell of ripe fruits in vast fruit gardens far away, and immersing in the Hue traditional folk songs from the market. Otherwise, Thanh Toan bridge takes critical location nearly the system of churches, pagodas, garden houses of the ancient Hue, taking about 5km to travel from there. Especially, annually at 28 April, “Hue market festival” is considered as the most attractive cultural beauty of Hue ancient held in Thanh Toan bridge with varieties of traditional activities and Hue cuisines waiting tourists to explore.

Let’s come to Thanh Toan bridge and admire the special traditional architecture of the bridge and experience the charming and rustic cultural and historical scenes of ancient Hue from there!

Thanh Toan Bridge, the cultural relic calls back the most beautiful traditions and unique cultures of the poetic Hue city